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This reprint of Wealth and Health has been prepared by 
the General Editor and checked by Percy Simpson. 

March 1907. W. W. Greg. 

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Early in the craft year which began on 19 July 1557, and 
was the first of the chartered existence of the Stationers' 
Company, John Waley, or Wally, entered what was no doubt 
the present play on the Register along with several other 
works. The entry runs as follows: 

To master John wallv these bokes Called Welth and helthe/the treatise of the 
£Frere and the boye / stans puer ad mensam another of youehte charyte and 
humylyte an a b c for cheldren in englesshe with syllabes also a boke called 

an hundred! mery tayles ij* 

[Arber*s Transcript, I. 75.] 

That Waley printed an edition is therefore to be pre- 
sumed, but it does not necessarily follow that the extant copy, 
which though perfect bears neither date nor printer's name, 
ever belonged to it. Indeed, a comparison with a number of 
works to which he did afiix his name suggests grave doubts 
on the subject. Though not a high-class printer, there seems 
no reason to ascribe to him a piece of work which for bad- 
ness alike of composition and press- work appears to be unique 
among the dramatic productions of the sixteenth century. 

* Wealth and health ' appears among the titles in the 
list of plays appended to the edition of GoflFe's Careless 
Shepherdess^ printed for Rogers and Ley in 1656. The entry 
was repeated with the designation *C[omedy].' in Archer's 
list of the same year, and, without the addition, in those of 
Kirkman in 1661 and 1671. In 1691 Langbaine wrote 
* Wealth and Healthy a Play of which I can give no Account/ 
Gildon has no further information to offer, nor have any of 
his immediate followers. Chetwood, in 1752, classes it 
among * Plays Wrote by Anonymous Authors in the 1 6th 
[by which he means the seventeenth] Century,' calls it * an 
Interlude ' and dates it 1 602. This invention was only copied 
in those lists which depended directly on Chetwood's, such 

119^998 ^ . 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

as the Playhouse Pocket^Companion of 1779. Meanwhile, in 
his Companion to the Play-House of 1764, D. E. Baker, 
relying upon Coxeter*s notes, gave an essentially accurate 
description of the piece, except that he asserted it to be 
*full of Sport and mery Pasty me,' and described it as an 
octavo. This entry has been copied by subsequent biblio- 
graphers, none of whom have seen the original. 

The play was among those discovered in Ireland in the 
spring ot 1906 and sold at Sotheby's on 30 June, when it 
was purchased for the British Museum at the price of 
one hundred and ninety-five pounds. Its press-mark is 
C. 34. i. 25. 

The extremely careless typography of the original makes 
the task of reprinting a difficult one. Ordinary misprints 
abound, and these have been scrupulously retained, a list of 
irregularities being added below. It has, however, proved 
impossible to arrive at any satisfactory method of distinguish- 
ing between * n ' and * u.' In the first hundred lines, which 
are by no means the worst printed, there are thirty-two cases 
in which the letter is indistinguishable, eighteen cases of an 
apparent * u ' which should be * n,' and seven cases of an 
apparent * n ' which should be * u.' When it is further re- 
membered that there are few cases in which it is possible to 
say for certain that a letter really is what it appears to be, 
and none in which it may not be turned, some idea of the 
difficulty in the way of reprinting will be obtained. To have 
followed the original in this matter would have been to in- 
troduce another misprint into at least every fourth line, 
while even so several hundred cases would have remained 
which could only have been decided according to the 
apparent sense of the passage. The only rational course was 
to treat the letters as indistinguishable throughout, and to 


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print in each instance whichever the sense seemed to require. 
Again, as the superscript letters *c/ *e/ *t/ are seldom distin- 
guishable, the printer has been given the benefit of the 
doubt. Another difficulty arose in connection with the 
speakers' names. In the original these have .often dropt 
from their proper places, which can now only be ascertained 
from the sense and the not very regular indentation. With 
some hesitation it has been decided to restore them to the 
positions they should apparently occupy, noting all cases in 
which they are a line or more out in the original. Lastly it 
may be remarked that in the speeches which aim at imitating 
foreign languages the apparent readings of the very indistinct 
original have been scrupulously reproduced, and no attempt 
has been made, even in the subjoined list, to suggest any 

In the last sheet some of the pages are cropt at the 
foot. In most cases nothing more than the catchword has 
disappeared, and although between lines 768 and 769 some- 
thing seems to be lost, it is doubtful whether this is due to 
the cropping, since Di^ has already one line too many. 

The original is printed in the ordinary black letter of the 
period, of the body known as English (20 11. = 94 mm.). 

Irregular and Doubtful Readings. 
Tit. m tin 29. fO (too ?) 

5. tcotoe 38. petf) 

7. fleepe(?) 41- Dpfpapie (nptpjapfe) 

13- nof 50. matualuflp 

24. meitt 52. tu 

25- 3lam 54. t0 

27. ofcompanfon 57. aantiet...noa(e 


Digitized by 


s8. felte 


62. 3lnlpIteU)i(e 


63. mMn(?) 


(no catchword) 


66. nef^eli 


70. ttiouart 


74. anCtuertD 


75. toellli 


76. tljou* 

fa0etpue(or Ptagetpue) 


80. cbai 


84. {)enefite0 


95. toaltt) liatg...frea(ute 


98. fianD0 (the * f ' doubtful) 


100. cempetent 


105. ^e 


107. otbettoeltft 


109. ^uetptvtfe 


no. otfpoficfons 


127. faue (the *e* doubtful) 


134. toott) 


137. fiealett 


144- hit 


149* atDtefte 

150. nf 


159. (no catchword) 


164. n{)tD tnOtfferenilp 


165. uie 


168. mem 


177. ttpafure 


178. pfttep 


191. (no catchword) 


pleafe pouto 





tiedolDe (tie botoe) 

topfe (the *f' doubtful) 






tua (luop) 







D^rpue (the 'p* doubt- 
mp II (?)...€ (3) 





Digitized by 


tiedolue (be tiolDe) 
322. ctiptfo^e 
324. Iptittpe 
328. ano 
337. pas (paft) 
364. tter 
367. let tpm (I)em) 

373. mptte {mm) 

379. felfe 

383. caa 

386. tbougtt (fouglit) 

391. ft|)on(?) 

397, He gins 

398. aeminge 
400. flemminges 

405. icuell 
408. lonc& 
410. )c compta toie 
414. j6ae 

424. iTaunoers 

425. aeminges 

426. tbetis 
433. neuofe 
440- ft?H(?) 
443. QijetitDet 
445* K]n^pU...cun 
447- ttJjng 

450. geeat actoittp 

452. ftaci) 

453. luC (iufl}...inliiffeteiice 



















Qialtie (the ' f ' doubtfiil) 605. 



mapap (or ? napap, read- 
ing very doubtful ; 

map (ap 

in (the *n' doubtful) 


mv U (?) 


c{)at...altD ap 
meaneti) (the * t' doubt- 

[ILibertp ?] 

am de (?)... tocU 
ti)p (tftep) 

apart... aceojitie 

fO| (the *f' doubtful) 









Digitized by 


607. tfp 719. Wl^W, (opposite 1. 718) 

609. tacti 724. M0) 

613. [Qtoil 731. tDetcome 

616. apare 5)ealtl> (opposite 1. 730) 

618. latpj 734. (no catchword) 

622. djat 735. iet (fjett ?) 

624. aftp0e 736. ii»(?) 

629. ^etD 740. Mot 

630. p*omiCe(the«*' doubtful) 742. flja me(?) 

631. iBpefi {tj^T^en ?) 753- J^ ance(?) 

632. lo&e 755. i>ance (the 'e' doubtful) 

633. ctoolie (the 'e' doubtful) 756. nottin 
636, CIHgH. (below 1. 637) 757. 1^ ance(?) 

tot 760. aUaunts-.teale 

653. euep 764. felfeloue(?) 

654. ofbeU(?) oe(cone(?) 
662. falfe 766. (udtel tiger 

666. litiertttieQllfe 768. (catchword cut off?) 

667. mateer 769. [Eemenp.] (but a whole 

668. tuat, let. . . [ djQilL] line probably missing) 

669. a none 772. 3lc... Eemni (the *v 
(>75- tliiag doubtful) 

676. afitt (after) 773- i (3 or f) 

685. 31 tj0 776. fleming (the *f* doubt- 

686. i^t fui)...ienger 
693. tDtt{)...conoenient 780. tidertp 

695. (DQpU, (opposite 1. 696) 782. I^eaiti (opposite 1. 781) 

angep j^S- nof(?) 

699. toi 787. affirmitp 

705. fie 790. 5)ealtli (opposite 1.791) 

711. (KHptte (opposite 1.712) 79 1 . malaDi (the * I ' doubt- 

716. tfie fui) 

Digitized by 


796. pe t 856. 
798. people (the second 'e' 861. 

doubtful)... Detett 863. 

799. ti>etoffoi(?) 864. 
801. a menDeiB! 

(catchword cropt) 
803. QOOne (the 'Q' doubtful) 

804. ^elfe a menoes 
807. nece0itte(?) 

820. ^inftett (the second ' t ' 

821. terc 866. 

822. He 867. 

823. eafeano 

826. tuatae 868. 

828. bopue 871. 

830. toeae...ui>at ftrltlj 873. 

831. tatofato 881. 
833. toe 882. 

834. (catchword cropt) 887. 

836. liumjl 888. 

838. aiiouf(?) 889. 

841. iitam 891. 

842. Cofiaunoet 893. 
ttitoeftrueo 901. 

843- Orpatt 903- 

846. (pp9natDo 907- 

847. folfe c{)efe...Q>eait{i 

849. tDlUel 909- 

850. la 912. 

851. peca (the * e * doubtful) 9 1 7. 

853. meae * 918. 


% 3lpC0o...t{)atn 

(there is no lead between 
CQpll. and mi^ttt,; 
the speakers' names to 
11. 862-3 are half a 
line too low, those to 

11. 865-7 ^*^^ * ^^"^ 
too high) 


adD ... (signature and 
catchword cut off ?) 





in continent 









tenta(i2e...a notiiet 




Digitized by 


919- DiflUIation 940. pQe(?) 

923. Qeupl 941. tcoote 

924, UbtttS* (the *»' doubt- 954. Cijat(?) 

fill; opposite 1. 923) 955. tetttDp 

925. pmanginacten 956. Qeuet 

927. uipccef 958. tiagne 

928. p2)(on 960. tontinue 

933. (catchword cropt) 961. tD (tU) 


Digitized by 


Ct^i^^ti^ 0'^ VUqp^^' 


l^ettb* JH»rit Usance. 


^^ , .,^^^i^.Sl^f'^^^. ■ ''<4^* Zf 



Digitized by 


Digitized by 


Jmi!tcotQet|)8taUt!iepettpltili»dtinie •: . :^ 

i£>^ei)aE fa saO l^elpe mon^Ual!»Dnnt *i. < 

^ijeptjewalmoilaflrfpein) ^^ : > siua 

Bo iti{\Bi^iiifffititi£itaotibidrnKe9fFa8(itS: ! i^ 
fl>It)otiomtahfpe caret- -i . i ,. :;j 

jPo?ftUpaarj>i(HBQmttb8iliJ|0ai?.;i'i3; n:».!i."s c 
JflwamenOipottceljealiC; i 'i^ r?, -^ rii ; ? ir: ^ 

3aml»rttUo{t{^fl^te;aimeioi)4()^fpo4vii^e ^^i^ 
jf 0» 31 am ta euerpimftt Idafldis a^^ ivtfh^ ^ '^ i" 
jfo?tDcmjb8ttjnop«r. '■ '- '^"' ' ,..,. 

5>otbertarlt|baoe4>efnJtprtDootif/ ¥f«v« 

pe t»?8pre poae re{& abou&tbe intone 
(5uerp man msMieccrpBetliert^Cbotlt' 

€Uat pou lacftf ^iimi^ti^ ' '' 

!3latn fo melt^^mbffmmci anb tpt^ ' 
JnaUfbet9O^brb9bn:e<s('0bf(kicf) ^ 
SNUamofcompartfon. * '-? 

^r(p;apr€pouffrUi?(attitict?er/tttl]^<T' "'^ 
iTo? tortfUoftenttwcs^batbOftup . ^V ^- ' '' . 
3nDtpeUt>i|5notj)<ngfotr. ' *r '^^^T 


Digitized by 



Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

w Qin mtetlulie of 

SiQeltt, ano Q)eltt,tteri? met? anti full of 

Ipafl^me, netolp att bin t?me 


C Cte J6ame0of t{)epla?et0. 
mm* 3lltopU. Q>ance. 


iFoure map eafelp plas t{)i0 Iplape. 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 


H l^ere entretii meltb, ano {^eltti fpngfng togetj^er 

a dalet of ttoo partes, ann after ^ealtetii 


Yi^l^p in tbttz no cuttttgy noto 31 am come 
wj tcotoe ttat all tte people he Hume 
ilD} el0 (0 goo beipe me ano lialpoum 
€btv toere almoQ a fleepe. 

Bo tnotties 3 taroe, not pet no tal&ing 
Bo (nflrument toent not dallottes ^nging 
lo WHt aple0 pou all ttuis to fi?t Dreaming 

iS>( mp coming pe map de glao 
Cterefote 31 P^P pou tie nof fao 
Sfot all pour oe^te Qiall de taD 
31 can amenDe pour clieare 

iBp ^00 31 t6ln&e pe taue (Otgotten me 
31 am toeltb of tbin realme looite upon me 
iFo} 31 am to euerp man louing ano (teenoip 
irot toeltli Htb no pece* 
2o IBtotter tneltt taue pe not pet Ooonei* |^elt{). 

pe pjapfe pour felfe aOoue tte moone 
^uerp man map percepue ttetdp foone 
Cliat pou lac&e Oifcrefpon 

(QDberfoje, dp goo 31 cannot fap to muct mtitb, 

3[am Co toeltbp of fuOfiaunce ano rpct 
3ln all ^t tnotioe toliece i» one (ucB 
90 31 am ofcomparifon. 

CQeltl) is gooo 31 cannot oenap H^^tb* 

l^et ptapfe pour felfe fo mucte pe map 
30 Soi toeltt oftentimes oott oecap 
9nO toeltl) 10 nothing fure* tseltb 

Digitized by 


mtitf), Witi^ Ibatb den euet in tbia coumrep 

9nti bere 31 purpote QpU fot to tie 

Sot tbifi to tbe lanoe moa mete fot me 
9nD tere 31 toplt enDute. 
fl^etdtb Ctetin pe Cpeafte full louingle 

iFo; in tiiis tealme toetti) Qiouto de 

pett) no tii(plea{ure 31 Ptap pou battel? 

iBut in tiie toap of communication, 
ano foi paflpme 3 looulD tpeaite (ome toapeiBE 40 

fl)f no compatifon, not to pou no Optpapte, 

31 noo not intenDe ttat manet alloapes, 

IBut fo; a recreation, 
toealtb iBtotiber tubat Coeuet pe fap to me. 

31 topH beate pou pacientlp 

31 am content ann 31 tbanfce pou battel? 

TBegpn mn fa? ?out pleafute 
l^ealtb % tbanfce ?ou battel? tben tD?ll 31 

^ome tobat onto m? putpofe appl? 

Cbougb ttieltb be ptaifeti matualufl? $0 

?et to m?ne unDetfiantiing. 

CQeltb i0 mutable, anD tbat iu Qiame 

9nO tueltb i0 baut? ano p^ouoe of name 

^iQeltb t» cruell, anD in great blame 

Sfoi toeltb i0 euer toauerpnge. 
tnealtb* Co tnbom baue 31 Doone an? barme can ?e fa?, 

?e fianner me notoe, ?et 3l trufi 3l ma? 

aunftnere fot m? felte in euer? maner toa? 

?e tD?I not Hen? tbatf 
^ealtb ®0D fotb?o but ?e QiouUi 00 fo 60 

9nti ?e ma? Doo it tobetbet 31 tD?I ot no 

3InI?ItetDife, 31 tnuQ anftner ?ou alfo 

^iQben ?e fa? not true. 

Digitized by 


Cbougt 31 tie dut to ?ou a poote man 
pet teltb 31 teigtt, tbe Came 31 am 
C{)at {0 oe(^eti ttniuetfallp t5an 
^ome caUe$ me as gooo ais pou 

90 31) mat? tiier in neeDe pe Oo compare. CQeltlb* 

^udb tDotnes mp0(t tiipnge ?ou foone in care 
70 iLetDOe parfon, tbouart not toare 
fl)f toliat fudflaunce 31 am 

j^e0 31 can tell tnliat ?ou are, de not opfpleateti ^ealt{). 
toettt) i0 of great fudfiaunce, tbat cannot be tienpeo 
pet QietD pour comoDitte0, ano pe Qialiie anftoerrti 
31 Ptompte pou toelld i0 fug^itiue. 

mHt fapfi tdou, am 31 a fagetpue toealtb 

3 toa0 neuer fo taften tip in mp ipfe 
Boi calleo tmfure, tnell 31 tnpU mafce no Qrpfe 
pet tobere a0 tbou oofi fap, 
80 Cdai 31 Qiouto Qiotn mp commoDitpe0 aItDape0 
Cde deO f02 mp (elfe tDderof 3i a0ie ptapfe 
pf 31 Qiouine QanD der all mp Ipfe Oape0 
pet 3 couine not Cap. 

Boi dalfe tde denefite0 tdat commetd of me 
pt cannot be toioe no; refpteo Qio^tlp 
CiQettb i0 tbe floure of altbing eartblp 
Cbat pou cannot oenpe. 

iFe^Oe gon faue, our foueraine Laope tbe Ciueene 
CQitb all tbe counfel ano alt tbat tnitb tbem bene 
90 9m not 31 toeltb toitb tbem euer at ene 
W)o Qioulii be tbere but 3f 

4^en of tbe latoe, ann iotp rpcb marcbaunte0 
Cbere be meltbp botb of goolie0 anD Ianti0, 
DQitbout comparpfon in in tbeir banDe0 
31 toeltb batg ail freanire. 

Digitized by 


I^ealti). t> goon tgi, of toliotn commet{) all tbiiai 

fl)f 0oD onip, to pou no tbanfce Jltops 

9nO pet mans toeltb flantis not all in tpcbes 

31 oare {ape tbat dolDIp, 
DQban a man batt a cempetent Uuing loo 

tDltt ^e grace of goD ttat palTetti all ttpng 

iLoue of lil0 nepgtiiour* anD gooo reporting 

Clien 10 be toeltfip, 
CQeltib of 9ooDe0 10 dut a fame 

^e 10 toeltbp t^at tatt a goon name 

^uerp topfe man topll couepte tte fame 

Soi otliettoelti) 31 not tecte 
pf a man baue neuer fo muct gooD name 

^uetptDife man topll couepte t^e fame 

if 1)10 Ot{po0cion0 de nougtt anO tnooti no 

C6en be i» but a tnietcb, 
^iQeltb. Bap tbou art a to^etcb, anD a foole trntopfe 

toeltl) of rpcl)e0 ttiu0 to nefppfe 

DoeQ tbou not fe all tbe tDo^loe arpfe 

IBp gootie0 anti fudOaunce 
^e tbat batb plentp of (pluer anti goioe 

gl^ap baue all tbpng tobattoeuer be tnouine 

toban can tneitb lacfce, feing all tbing in foioe 

9nD toeltb i0 of amtraunce. 
Q)ealtb 31 tienpe tbat, pour faplng 10 nougbt 120 

^race, beauen, no; cunning, cannot be bougbt 

tDttbout great patne, aO gooo tietie0 tn^ougbt 

€l0 man cannot tbem baue« 
toealtb ^top tbereat, ann boio tbp peace 

Qlpap not men bp beauen toitb rlcbeOfe 

90 to bpine cburcbe0 ano mafce bpe tDape0 

^ucb tieeoe0 man0 foule ootb faue 


Digitized by 


I^ea, but ]?et pe mua tnat&e one tbpnge ^ealtb 

pf tbefe 000000 came toitb to^onge liopg 
i3o%I)aU pe baue beauen fo; fo (pentisnge 
fl)2 pet an]? mene. 

jQap nap ercept tbat man bimfelfe boo meefte 
9nB ma&e refpaance tbe tpgbt bonou^ to feefie 
€\si all (ucb goon neDeiai iis not tuotb a lee&e 
toeltb beteof ta&e teetie. 

mhis tbfn&ea tbou tbat all men toblcl) batb toeltb toealtt. 
^ettetb t^m ffootiejs tottl) bjpdjp anb aealetb 
Cbp repojte 10 nougbt tbetfoje ^eltbe 
% counfell thtt to tap tbe befi. 
140 %o 31 toplU but pet 31 mua fap ttue l^ealtb 

anb noto a ipttle mo^e 31 tvpll tap to pou 
a^ucb fojotoe anb care toeltb botb b^etoe 
10e 10 felbome in tea. 

toben a man in a ipttle bit anb toeltbp 
9nb batb in ti9 cbeae treafure0 plentpe 
Cben topi be tojangle, anb bo Ib^eublp 
iBp fiia potuet anb migbt* 
CiQitb hi» neigbbouce0 be topll go to latoe 

9nb a Miitke his malpce fo; baletu of aratoe 
■5° toeltb i0 ^&le anb out nf atoe 
tuplfull in tu^onge o; rpgbt 

Cbou (peaftea Wth a flaunberou0 tonge CiQeltb. 

911 of eupll topll, anb pet it is tojonge 
toeltb in tbi0 realme batb bin longe 
S>f me commetb gteat bonour. 

iBecaufe tbat 3 toeltb batb great po^te 
911 tbe too^lbe, bptber botb reroute 
Cberto^e j toeltb* am tbi0 realme0 comfort, 
anb bete 31 topll inbure. 

Digitized by 


f^eltf), %o 31 tooin pe Qiouin, ann 31 Qiall Do tf^e Ume '<^ 

^eltb 31 am calleD, anti tbat 10 mp name 

3lf 31 tooulD not abpue tieare 3 toere to dlame 

Sot bere 31 am toell ctieriQieti 
#et (ap pour felfe, niito inDifferenil]? 

9nti if euerp man Doo not loue me 

f^tltb a0 toeU ais toeltt, pe0 tietelp 

Cberof 3 Hare be repo^teti 
SQeitb. SiiQl)? fbom tbep loue tbee^ tbat tooulHe 31 itnotoe 

90 toel a0 me, 31 P2ap pou jbotoe 

3 am tbe fuperiour of iie anH lotoe 170 

Bo man map compare tuftti me. 
$>eltli. Co Qieto tobp 31 topU not be afraien 

iFo; 31 can bide bp tbat 31 baue fapDe 

l^f toeltbp men be nerp toell apapD 

S>i mucbe tbep fet pou bp. 
iBut Of toeltb, if tbep baue neuer to mucb 

^ootie0, trpafure and plBe, anH be caUeb rpcb 

l^et pftbep lacfte beltb, tbere papne i0 (ucbe 

Cbat tbep toere better tipe. 
9 man to toere golbe, anb be in papne iso 

^bat iop batb W none, but tooulD be fapne . 

Co 0iue alt W treafure fo; beltb plapne 

€>2 el0 be toere berp mab: 
jFo; if a man be neuer fo poure 

l^et if be baue beltb, tbat i0 a treafure, 

Cben fo; W Uuing, be map laboure 

9nb in biis barte be glab, 
liQeltb. 31 neuer marfteb tbu0 mucbe, no; tmberfioob 

Cbat l^eltb \om (ucb a treafure, anb to man fo goob 

^berfoie 3| am fo;p, anb % toil cbaunge mp moobe 190 

BotD 31 PJap pou fO^giue me. 

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3 toill fo^giue ot^% toere to dlame ^ealtb 

9nii 31 p^ap pou to fo^gtue me tfie fame 
3 loue pou battlp, ann topU p^apfe pour name 
pf it pleafe pouto &eepe mp company. 
C ^ete entret^ ipbectp tottt a fong $ aftet (pea&et{i 
CiiSip tarp tsm totettec ate pe going Udett 

31 tee toell pe iooften not fo; mp comming 
iLoe, out ottszht out of temembjpng 
200 adfence i0 caufe of lh:aung[ne0, 

CiQdat toofte pe on tuettDds are pe fo Oraunge 
iTrom pout felloto lidettp, tiotb pout minus cbaQge 
3ln pout companp 31 tpas toont to tange 
CQdat neneis all tbtis tiu0ne0, 

IBp lidettp noto 31 noo not fet toealtd 

%epng tdat deltd anD 31 am met 
90 felotoei) togetdet no man Qiall let 
9f^t fo; to loue dpm beff. 

let me beate tobat pe no tap libettp. 

310 Cben pe ate about to caft me atoap 
$>otii bappe0 tftifi^ matp tben 31 map 
^oe ppfte Qtatoe0 anb talte me tefi. 

31 P^ap pou tell me tobom 31 baue offenbeb 
pf 3i baue maoe a faute it flbalDe amenbeb 
toitb fo Hiojte toatning let me not be tiopbeo 
31 ctoto pet pe bo but iett. 

CQbp bo pe mafce tbi0 cauelacion )^eltb« 

toe entenbe to mafte no altetacpon 
toeltb anb 31 baue bab communication 
sao i0e i0 mp fteenbe of olbe. 
^bat tDa0 tbe mattet, % P^ap pou tell libettp 

9^e tbinfte0 3i ougbt to be of counfel 
fl>2 el0 % pjompfe pou pe boo not toell 

TBX toitb 

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SiQftti pou 3 Qjoulli beiioIBe. 
Welti), cie matter » noone toe are agreeD 

Co reafon it moje it Qialt not neene 

D d^otlier teltti, tiiou art in neene 

S0oie p^ecioufer tlien golDe. 
lidertp* ^otm boDi boto commeti) tW 0ere to pa« 

31 am caa out at tbe carteis arfe 230 

Cbe tuo^lDe i0 notbingf aia; it toas 

jFo; 31 am bere refufeB 
^ealti) ciQiip tie pou angrp t^at toe tioo agree 

Cten are pe not tnpfe, fo; ifpe toue me 

31 toill loue tpm agapne* fo it flbouin de 

fl)2 el0 31 toere mpfaouifeD 
ptiidert cden of mp loue pe fet no aoje 

£0li company 31 fee tuell pe loofcen notfoie 

iFaretoeU 31 topll get me out of tde noo^e 

pet 3 am pour betters anti fo am 31 calleti. 240 

tvealtb ^ucb p^efumptuoufe tvo^iies topll taue a fall 

pour comparpfon i0 but feble and fmall 

SjQbat can pe no notbpng at all 

90 pou baue reputeti« 
liberti. CiQbat tpere pe botb ttoo, toete not 3l. 

SiQ^etcbeis anD captpfes, loo&e not fo bpe 

Cbinfte no fco^ne barBlp 

jFoj 31 map be pour peare 
pf toeltb baue neuer fo mucb lubfiaunce 

Lacking Hibertpe ano tuerr in buraunce 250 

^itbin a tubpte, 31 am in aflbrance 

pe tooulbe piap me come nere. 
^f l^eltb be neuer fo lua anb 0ronge 

pet if iLpbertp tuere fcept from bim longe 

Cben fojoto anb care toolbe be W fonge. 

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pt tDouIn abate pout create. 

iTpe of toelti) ^Wh lac&eti) Ipdettpe 
iPpe of l^eltb ann be in captiuttte 
iFpe of titbt» ann ladt goon company 
>6o ILpliettp batb no pete, 

CiQsU pe beate tioto be notb clattet^ jheitb. 

^bat neeDe pe to tebeatfe all tbi0 mattet. 
jft fcnotD tbat toe ttoapne afo^e anp otbet« 
Upbettp tnua nebes baue fipll. 

Ipbettie on n» is glabe to toapte 
pe 0anbe to fatte in pout otone concepte 
31 topiB tpbettpe pe tan mafte no bapte 
Co catcbe bs at pout toilL 

iQoto tbete pe Ipe, 31 can fuffet no longet Ubettp. 

270 CiiElettb f02 Lpbettpe botb loboute euet 
9nb beltb fo; Htbettpe is a gfteat ao^e 
Cbetfoie fet me not fo Ipgbt 

libettpe 31 m«B tl)^ teafon no moie toealtb 

Se ate toelcome to b0 as pe toete before 
3ln nttit oflibettp it in great futer 
Cbetfoie tnelcomebp tbi0 Ipgbt 

jQoto 31 tbanfte pou botb full ItinDlp libettp, 

pout Otange toojbes alptle bib gteue me 
9nb noto at pout cbmaubement 31 am tebp 
280 9nb at pout otone topU. 

11 l^ete enttetb toitb fome ten plltopll 

%9atp 31 am come at tbe fita call capll. . 

mpll, pout otone man baue me tobo Qiall 
ifo2 a am toill cetuaunt to pou al 
pt Qiall not neebe to (enbe fo; me* 

mi)o i» acquanteb toitb ^ia man CQeltb. 

16.11. 5)e 

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f0e 10 tietp tometp ant) li^tie goon (e can 

Co come in hext fo boinip, tien 

Dtpue (im atoap quicfclp, 
CiQpIL CiQiip, 31 cam not tpll C toas calleD >9o 

pour otone topH openip pe nameD 

Cben 31 came a pace lett 3 QioulB tie blameD 

Cietfoje 31 P^ap pou let me tipDe flpU, 
ealtb Wftoie toplU o; tobat topiu ootb lie meane 

Ci)ou art not mp topi, 31 fo^falte tbee cleane 

8@p topi anD tbeir topUes to often Cene 

Dut topUes can none pH 
mvll Staiai goon matters 31 can none pll 

pet tip mp trout!) 31 am pour eupH topH 

pour toil, 9 pour tttll, 9 pour totU, ^erfose &eepe me 300 

31 loue pe tip goDDes motber, 
Utiertp* Cliijef i» a firaunge (aping onto me 

%9P topU ?our topll, ant) StjS topll, t^ifi cannot tie 

jFo; in our tuples in great OiuerOtte 

jFo; one it not Ipfte anotber, 
CQpll. #et tip Clijta pour otone topi 31 am 

Cbe manDea topi, anD tbe mertea, tban 

jFo; goDDes (aite nolo, let me tie pour man 

Cpl pe baue better acquaintaunce. 
toealtli 31 percepue tbtiB feloto 10 Itpntie 310 

9nD otoetb to 00 gooD topi anb mpnbe 

^ome &inDe0 agapne tben let bpm finbe 

net blm baue Come furneraunce 
CJQplU iBp gob 0r anb 31 bura be fo bolDe 

arquatntance of tbi0 man clapme 31 toouin 

and ftpnreb to, pf tbe troutb toere tolDe 

toe be of one confangupnttte 
l^ealtb l^oto fo^ let me bere tbat 31 Piap tbee bartip 


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SQpl anD lptiettpei0, of auncitetie oine CiQpn. 

3>o toitb out tpbetfpe, toiU Dare not detioine 
9nD toiiete tupl lacfcetti, tpdettpe in full coine 
Ci)ptfoie topi ann iTsbtttgz mua neHes be of ftpn. 

3In DeDe a0 be (aptbe it map toell be Ubetti. 

Sfoi topi euer longetb onto Ipbttpe 
Cberfoie goob tteenbe toelcome to me 
3i P^ape pou al be 000b to bim 9nb goetb out 

iro2 pour fa&e be in toelcome to w all SQeltb. 

net blm come to out place ano tban be Qiall 
$)aue cuccoure of t)0 anb belpe toltbal 
3309 noto toe toil bepart* 9nb toeltb 9 beltb gotb out. 

Wvl pe go bence« 31 tbanfce pe maOers toitb al mp CiiSpll. 
31 topi fefte pou out 3i toarrant pou feare not (bert 
jQoto tbep be gone 31 am glab bp faint marp 
9 Ipttel tobile beare 31 purpofe to tarp 
l^oto to Decepue toeltb> beltb, anb libertie 
iQotD mufi 31 Deupfe. 

ifoi 31 am a cbplbe tbat 10 pa0 pace 
3ltopU 31 am calleb tbat in euerp place 
Dotb mucb mifcbiefe tbiis in a plapne cafe 
340 Qertue 31 boo bttetlp bilpife, 

iBut if tbep topa tobat 3 toere 
Cben of mp purpofe 31 Q)oulb be neuer ( nere 
31 topi Itepe mp tonge le0e tbat 31 mar 
^p tobole intent anb toplL 
iBut noto 31 meruaple bp tbis bap 
^bere flb^etob toit iis gone a Orap 
%ome craftp toucbe ig in ti» toap 
31 bere bim, peace, aanb CtplL 

U (ZEntretb Qiietob topt toitb a fonge. 
350 H ^im t)ou0 gatbe plapfaunce 

15.111. S>n 

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fl)n Ceuen oi no mutncbattnce, toliat pon&er0 oate 
Co plape a grote o; ttoaine. (auaunce 

Hoe Beare 3 {laue in Qoie 
CVdo 02 tbtte Qtotta anD no moie 
31 tafte gfteat tiou0i)t tberfoie 
SFoi to &epe ft, it iis mucb papne 

31 come noto out of a place 
tobere i» a company of email gftace 
Ct)eue0 anti hoitfi tbat (penties a pace 
Cie? toete D^onlten all the toite. 360 

Dne of tbeic purceis 3 Bin a(ps 
fl)ut of i)i8 fleue to^ere it lii?li Ipe 
9nti one topnlteli on me toitb W epe 
I6ut tlier began tbe fpo^te 

Cteit falCe falfe{)otie, anti 31 craft? tupt 
got tbe puree loe, ieare 31 i)aue it 
31 can mp tuas anti let iipm Q?t 
^mofce ann Qiitten arte togetber. 

9nD pf tbat 3 tiao pll topll bere 
toitb tbi0 monep toe tooIDe mafte goon cbete 37° 

Gentle b^otbet to]?!!, 3 piap tbe apeare 
jro2 tbou art in Come corner. 
CiQStte 31 tuoultie come in but 31 am a fearbe 
iLeaa tbat 31 be tafcen bp tU bearoe 
(DQptb Come catcbepol, 31 baue beam 
$)oto tbou baae ftollen a purfe 
tD]?tte Cbou to^fon art tboa man, cum in 31 fap 

€-W is not tbt fgtfit ba^arb tbat 3 taue fcapeo 
pf 31 maite an tanB to beclte mp felfe gap 
tobat am 31 tbe tooKe. 380 

topH jTrom ^^ company 31 cannot abpbe 
31 mua nebes boine upon tbg tpbe 

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pUtopU anD fbimwoit \oj)o caa li?Be 
Sfoi tliep tniU de togetl^et. 

Boto toelcome tDi?H ann toiiat create: toptte. 

IBs 0OD 31 ttiougibt f02 tbee a tbouranti pere 
]peace fo; goti0 doDp toio cummetb ttete 
^ance bete pot 9fcon routet. 

H (ZEntretb l^ance tnttb a outcbe Conge. 
390 ^ut npnen Ccone rutters tip t^e mooer got 
3lt i)et0 Stone (ebon, fo; fiaue pe nete 
De Quaefcet mau icbe bie Do bo 
Qau tbe groate bnmbarbe toell te toete 
Oactpcit bctofant ban enbeb it mete 
3lc befi be mauiftin ban be ftoinmg banglilet 
De gtot &epfet fcinb ic bene Us budietet 

i^ere se not b^onfte bance boto be be ginis to p^ate CiO]?n. 
Cbe malotoperte fleminge iis a little to cbe&e mate 

net tbe ftnaue alone, foi biiB name is toar. tnptte 

400 ^ucb D^onften flemminges pour company toil mat 

3lc bel! nen emonb, ic befi in focbe l^ance* 

pe (ecte nete bell ic fojfiaue pe in bocbe 

Cumpt boie lepf toitb pour gounb fianb nere €iQpll« 

pt becummes pou better to banble a potte of beare 

Dat magbt icbell ban, ic can (Itpnfte frelpdt ^ance 

Cab ber0 froto, ic b^iuges b^o^e, begotts nemeridt 

€\tt bojfen Itnaue bp tbe maflfe is b^on&e toptte. 

9 toinfting fo; bepe W epen be cleane lonclt 

3|c fojaue pe bell pe feg bac ic flope ^ance 

410 jQenifte, nenifte, ic compte boje fo; an anbo; cope. 

CiQel coppin 31 P^ap tbe bartlp tell b0 tretti 2iQpll. 

CiQberfoie comefi tbou betber fo; anp tbing to feto 
peiciie feger, en bQbarbere ba be Itopning tnei it be $)ance 
(0eb ttoe ftelling be bagb ic con Ccote be culuerpn 


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toptte. jQap pe Qiall tnalfte a fletning ftnaue, topi pe not fee 

We baue eng^UQi punnets pnoto, tbete i0 no tome 
l^ance 3c tiefi en bomberDe mot pe to me (pjefien (emptp 

tobat fegpe pe bone0, it tat pe poDe flaen 
Well Wit (peafte not to tbee tbou art a fcone man ^ 

IBut gfoe tbp toap tbep be not bete tbat pjomot i c§4>o 
l^ance Caut pe me a be boufe b^agen ban begtot bete, 
toptte. ^ance pe mua go to t court 9 toi toeltb inquite 
l^ance CiQbat fegre pe toeltb nenp&e be i» net bo^e 

toeltb bea in flTaunbers, it mp felf b^ougbt bim bo^e 
SQplI. laelb^eto pour boston flemingeis bert tbetfote. 

in ntnz ais be Caitb, bp toar in flaQbers tberis toeltb 
$>ance %egt pe bat b^otoer, bp tbe mober got ban (ao;e 

tfut naugbt it mot toatt^ to tent caftin to mi lanma 
topU* 310 be gone, faretoel banpUn botoce ($ goetb out 

31 P2ap gob giue bim a bounbeb D^oufe 430 

Soi 3 troto a Itnaue biougbt bpm to boute 

iBut noto bjotbet topt* 
me mua beuoce boto tbat toe map 

ISe in fetuice toitb toeltb altoape 

iLet me bete tobat tbou canfi bo o; Cap 

Co belpe tat to conttpue it. 
toptte. ifo; tbp pleatute tbat 31 Qiall 

€iifi topll 31 boo fittt of all 

jriattet anb ipe, anb euetmo^e call 

Cbem mp goob mapfiets Opll. 440 

Cben toitb ftoeting, Iping anb potolinge 

'Bipb{p« tbeft, anb p^eup ppfting 

Cbu0 31 liseb toet, topll euet be boinge 

% toattant tbet pUtopll. 
CQpll. 31 cun tbee tban&e, tbiis i» toell beupfeb 

9nb 31 pll toil, toolbe baue euetp man bi^tfeb 


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'But noto tmottttt tiling mua be conttiuen 
S>i el0 al toilbe nought 

€ttttt in one tiiep call gfoon remeDp 
4So3ln tbifi tealme, i)e {latt geeat acto^ttp 
Q)e f0 a noble man anb mucb too^tbp 
^anp tbtnges tt bacb to^ougbt 
&e i» calleb luff, btfcteete anb inbiffetence 
milling to fulfil bl0 foueraine0 commaunbement 
$)e (0 not ftaibe to bo tlgbt punlQiment 
Cberfoie of btm S am aftapbe 

%o am a to tbi0 ma&etb me betp fabbe toptte. 

|iet o&entpme0 3i baue bene barbe beffabbe 
JlSoto 1 31 am toameb of btm 31 am berp glab 
460 ^um ctaftp tople fo; bim Ibalbe babe 

Peace no mo too2be0 but mum SiQplL 

9^V tbinft 31 beare maff toeltb cum 
]&nele bobme anb tap (um beuout o^ifon 
Cbat tbep map beace b0 mn 
JSotD lefti (aue caieltb, l^eltb, anb Lpbertie. 

libertp anb beltb teturnetb badt toitb toeltb 
^Vl9 pou (ball baue botb 9ob0 bleffing CiQealtb 

%o are pe too^tb fo; pout pjaplngf 
pe are toel bifpofeb anb of 000b Itulng 
470 31 topU loue pou tbe better altoap 

^ir tbt0 bo tne bfe euerp bap CiQpll. 

Sot toeltb beltb anb liberty to pjap 
Cbt0 fame 10 mp bjotber, to pou 31 mapap 
^e i0 an barb bonefi man. 

jFoifotb mapffer 31 am tifi b^otber toptte. 

Co be pour Ceruant, tDa0 mp cQming betber 
90 longe a0 toe ttoio be to getber 
pe (ball not perpflbe tban 

Ci. Co 

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l^ealtb Co baue pou tiot( in cetupce 31 ant content 

i^otD fai? pou Itbertie toil pou ttetto conCent 480 

2jQpH and \oiu ffon tiatb 00 lent 

OQe map be glaoe of tbem 
lihetti, pt toe fboltt refufe topi anD topt 

toe tuere to blame fo; tbtjf tie tgt 

Cberfo^e dp mp toel tbep Qial not flpe 

ciep be toelcome to me, 
mgll ^^^ tbanfce pou maiaetis all tb^ee 

pe Ibal finDe 00 poje but ttue toe cannot be 

flj^p tonge ftombles, 3I crp pou metcp 

me topH be ttue 3 QioulD fap, 490 

toealtb ^pc0 00 pour toap borne unto one place 

anb toe topi bpe 00 attet apace 

9nb toben toe come toe flball Cet pou in cate 

Co baue a Ipuing altuap. 
{^ealtb Cben lo&e pe do botb truelp anb iuO 

iro2 toe mua put pou in gteat trua 

911 our bouQioulbe 0uibe pe mufi 

IBebaue pou felfe tuell. 
toptte ^aiaer0 feare not fo^ 31 baue toit inougb 

Co beguple mp (elfe, anb to beguple pou 500 

31 baue ttegpleb manp one 3 map (ap to pou 

31 pjap pou iiepe tbat in councetll 
libertp. iBetoare of tbat, tobat botb be Capf 

IBegupIe b0 all, pet 31 cbarge pe nap 

l^e Iball not beguile b0 pf j map 

31 tupl betoare betpme. 
^pll. %vi be not angrp 3 pou pjape 

ttt foole tootetb not be botb Cap 

^e menetb cbat be toil be profitable alto ap 

anb (aue pou manp tbinge0* sio 


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m\itit f)t meanet^ ^ cannot tell fl^taltb 

IBut hi» taping i» not toell ' 

Depart tience tsm tip mp councell 

9nli tatp D0 at our loDglng. 

H jQoto anD It pleafe pe, topll pe |)ere anp fpnglng toptte* 

Cbeteln 31 tell pou 3 am ComtoBat connpng 

pe flball i)eare ann pe Itfi. 

®P2 3 P2ap pou Um ann pe can lidertp 

jSoto toll 3 begin llfte a luflp bloun tb§« tbel 0ng topll. 
$>o %lr0 noto go pour tuap of pou 31 am glati ($ go out 
90 of anp feruaunte0 tbat euet 31 tan 
JToi tbefe can no dotb goon and bad 
€iQe mua needed baue (uc{) men 

SiQbat t»ere toe pf toe ladten topll: 
Znn toltbout tDpt toe Qioultie ipue ptl 
Cberfo^e topll ann tolt 31 topll fcepe flplU 

S P2oml(e pou 31 loue tbem 

C I^ere commetb remeup In anD to blm faltb 
^tl pour mapflerQilp I0 bartelp toelcome CiiQeltb. 

530 Calte pour place bere adoue as it I0 realon. 

31 Ptap pou oartion 110, toe ItnotD not tudat pe tie l^ealtli 
pe feme a man of honour, ann of great aucto^ltp 

%lSt to &noiD toderfoje pe come toe are Defp2ou0 lltiertp 

31 am fie tdat ougtit fo; to tie tocU ftnotoen Eemni 

^f pou tdie ipeclallp, and of nuetle 
^reat papne and tiufine0 a0 fo; mine otone 
iro2 pou 31 daue tafcen tiecaufe 31 loue pou {lartelp 
Co malntalne pou I0 all mp Detpje anD facultp 
pet darD it I0 to Doo, tte people be fo oarlable 
540 9nD manp be fo tollfull, tbep tolll not be refoimable. 

^Pl 31 pjap pou parDon D0 of our ignoraunce noto toealtb 
31 fe toell pe ftnoto D0 better tban toe Do pou 

Digitized by 


iRetnBi 31 patDon pou, fo; 3 noo ItnotD pou toel dott 
tueltl), ann lieiti), in pour ttgi)t names 
C{)e tDlitcl) England to fo^bere toere oerp lotb 
Sot bp toeltf) anB beltl) commetl) great fames 
ss^anp otber renlmes fo; our great toeltb Qiames 
Cbat tbep Bare not p^efume, no; tbp Bare not de tiolD 
Co arpue againe (ZEnglanB, o; anp rtgdt t»ttd doIBe. 

I^ealtd %it pe be toelcom, 3l befecb pou Qjoto bs pour name 550 

remeBi ^ooB remebp fojfoutb 31 tm tbe fame. 

libertt. pf 31 bura be fo boIDe 31 tooIBe p^ap pou bartetp 
Co Ibetoe bs apart of pour great aceo^tie, 

E mB ^p actojitie is geuen to me mofi (pectaU 
Co maintaine pou tbiee, in tbis realme to be 
CiQbat mine intent is. 31 topi tel, but not all 
Sot tbat toere to longe to reberfe of a furetp 
9nB 31 befp;e pou all fo; to be louing to me 
iFo; pour otone eafe, come toeltb anB piofpt 

CiQealtb ^ooB remeBp, tben toe mutt Befpje pour apBpng s6o 
iro2 bp gooB remeBp cometb all our pjefening. 

EemBi 911 tbat 3 Boo intenBe, if pe toil tberto agree 
9nB to be refo^mable fo; pour otone eafe 
3[t is not tbe tbpnge tbat lietb onlp in me 
IBut mp gooB topU tberfo^e 31 topi not cea(e 
Co baue pour loue anB fauour, anB tberebp to pleaCe 
91 tbe toope ouer, anB to promote ebis tealme 
Cbat pou tb^e map pjofper, pe percelue tobat % mene 

€ht cbiefe parte of all toeltb Ipetb in great ettates 
Cbepi CUbaance anB lanBes. is rigbt commenBable $70 
IP^elates of tbe cburcbe is toeltbp of rpcbes 
^ercbaQtes batb marcbaQBife 9 gooBs incSperable 
%^e of lato 9 franfclins is toeltbp tobicb i» lauBable 


Digitized by 


C{)U0 toeltb ottitbta in neutUeD niuttte toapes 
anD to ttieCe man? c{iat0e0, come notu a napes 

S0T^ tttt cetopfeti) to bete pout 0OOD tepojttng l^ealtb 
£0tttb ate toe tiounD to gon, tobicb p^outDetti alttiing 
jFo^fotb bete is not balfe tbat 31 coulD tebetfe Eemtii 

Cbe benefits of gon tbat be Qietoetb to pou tueltb 

580 ConfiDet ^nglpQimen, boto naliant tbep be 9 fetce 
fl>f al nations none fticb* toben tbep baue tbett beltb 
J0O lann can do 100 batme, but toptb falfeboD o; fieltb 
temlb^ tobat nSb^e of me, o; atttletie 9 0ooD o^Dmace 
^pedallp i gtace of pD, tnbicb is out cbief fo^DetSce 
3lf tbete be anp tbat topll gtulige, futmpce o; 000 
againe loeltb, beltb 9 libettie, tben mufi 31 f02 1 fame 
^beto mine auctojitie ann potoet, fo; to temeop it fo 
Cbat none of pou (ball Biminilbe, no; amilTe be tane 
31 goon temeDp tbetfo^e map 9 toill fpeafte tfaout blae 

590 Soi tbe comen toeltb* 9 beltb botb of tbe foule 9 boBp 
I is mi ofl!ce 9 potoet, 9 tbetfo^e 31 baue mp acto^itie 

Dut lojDe continue pe, 9 toe tbanfce pou battlp toealtb 
IBotb f02 pout goon infituction, anD to; pout Itinlines 
Cbat pou intenne (o tnel fo; os gooD temeop 
toben toe baue neoe toe toiU De^e pout gooones 
CQben toe be infect in tbe foule o; boDp i^ealtb 

Cben toiU 31 feite goon temenp fo; (uccout 
9s pet % tbanfce goo 31 baue no neoe gteatlp 
pf 31 baue tben topH 3 feite to baue pout fauout 

600 %n not» toe topi oepatte bence toitb pout licence libettp 
jFo; otbet Oiuets bufines tbat toe mufi baue tobetbet 
%)its 31 am content, noto toben pe topll Oepatt EemOi 

Co goo 31 commpt pou 31 topll not make pou tatp 
IBut pet 31 Piap toitb all mp minoe ano beatt 
Cafce beoe in anp toife eiccbetoe pi 9 Ibtetoo compani 

€M 3111 

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pf a mS be neuet foo 00011 9 tofe to t{|g p tie tintbjim 

^e dial lefe W name, 9 to fome tike riiep toil liim tSp 

tbetfoje tietoare of fucfi people, 9 from t6l tie erempt 
l^ealti) pes pes 31 toactant pou of facb 31 topll tietoare. 

iTaretoel goon remetip 9 toel to fare. 9 sott out 610 
laemDi 3i P^ap 000 tie pour (peDe 9 Pieferue pou frd paine 

it 10 mi mino pe ftoio pjofper 3i tooIQ baue it fo fain* 
IXiplL H^ete is none of our acquaintafice toil retoumetti 

toe iiaue maoe to longe tariaunce 

tiiat tnpU pe fap perctiaunce 

anil ttiep tiegone tiome come atoap apare 
IXiptte. JQap tip 0OD not fo tiafiie 

9 Iptle tobple toe tnpll larpe 

00011 euen (p; to pou marp 

DtoeU pe in tbi» placed 6*0 

EemDi JOap good fellotoe 3i titoel not iieare 

CiQtierefoje doeO ttiou diat inquire: 

SQoiDea ttiou ougbt tDitb anp tieare 

^peaite tie not afrpne 
QEipiL iBp eon 31 tDoutn 31 iiaii pour gotnne 

9nD toere a mple toit^out tSe totone 

Ctieron 9 tooulQe tiojotne a crotone 

3lt i» 31 tiiat fo fapoe 
CiQptte. l^etD looitel} tbou one tiim iialfe a fco^ne 

31 P'Omife pou tie is a fcant gentplman tio^ne 630 

CiQtiat fOpefi ttiou in liis face 
laemDi JFo; (omtotiat in W face 31 loit e 

3ln Dede {lis mafierQiip fianDes a croo&e 

iToj falfe l^^etoes tiot^ of pou 3 too&e 

9nli ctipIDjen t^at tie pa0 grace. 
QElptl. 31 topU ftoere fo; ipm, as to; ttiis peares ttoentp 

ttiat lie iiatti tien euer as true as 31 


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pet (Otnetpme lie toill aeale and ma&e a Ipe 

H^t 10 of mp alpaunce. 
640 3ln 0ooti (apri) tbe fame tbin&e 31 Eemdi 

Cbat pe lie tiotfi Ipfce, mil tintiijiftp 

^0 SotD no pe Ipue, Qieto me quic&Ip 

fl>2 31 Qiall put pou in nutaunce 
H^otD lint \at^ matp out meate tnptte. 

Cummefi tiiou bettiet fo; to tlijete: 

^0 loiniB Psi tnittam ootfi (pea&e 

JFtom toEence Qot{i {le come can pe Qietoe 
CiQiiat Dofi tfiou aple cana ttiou teltf CiQpIU 

^aa tbou an? tiling taiitti 190 to mellf 
650 "Bp t{ie malTe ttip iianQe0 dotii tp&ell 

c6ou Qialt tieare me a tilotne. 
pou falfe t{ieue0 31 &notD pe tnell remedt 

31 Qiall let pour purpofe euep Deale 

plltopIU anti QijetDli toit, tde oeupll of iiell 

Calte pe tiotd fo; me. 
g^atp tiiou Ipefi« out name0 lie not fo taiptte. 

Call t}0 tiut iDit, ano topll, aDDe no moje tiieteto, 

pf ttiou Doea tdou toete a0 0OOQ no 

me Qiall lianDIe pou Qijetoiiilp 
660 %sifi faretoell Sere 31 toil no longer abide Eemdi 

iro{ pou {lotti Qiojtlp 31 tnpll pjouiDe 

Ctiat all pour falfe craft Qiattie out trped 

and our (utitillitte ftnotoen and goetti out. 

Co 00 (0 foone t{ie toiion tDa0 topfe toptte. 

tderfoje tome nolo 3l mufi deuife 

t^at eadi man map toeltfi, beltt and litiertidefpife 

iDl el0 lie topll marre all our mateer. 

IBjottier taiet, ler me alone 

CiQtien tliep come pou Qial fee me a none 


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Complapne of bim, unto ttiem ecj^one 670 

9nli put tim out of fauour 
QEIptte peace no mo tDo;De0, fo; tbep come ponDet 
toealtti %Tfiii 3[ am glaiie t^at pou lie beare 

l^olD Dott) all our ^ouQioID, tottb tbem tailiat d^etef 

310 euecp tbtag in o^Det tbere 

afict out tntentei* 
tDpH. pe (^2 ttiep lie all metp ann glaii 

mitj) ceuell anu rout fomttme tbep fie man 

l^ipe tD{ioie {lop tiieef, euerp fcnaue ano Qjalie 

310 at out commaunnement. 680 

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W,Ht Do pe fap, tlien pe ate to dlame 

anu toe put pou in ttufi fo; ttie fame 

Co itepe fuc$ tule, it it a liiame 

31 tin not f02 out bonout. 
tnptte* TBp ttie malTe tie boiton notb Ipe 

Ctiete is no (ucti tule bg 0OD0 boDp 

9 man map ti^eite tii0 necfc a0 Ipgbtlp 

90 {ii0 faa in pout becbin, o; fellet ttulp. 

Lidettp tutnetti liim 690 
CiQitti ttat notbet 3[ am not content 

3[ taiolDe tbete Qioulii fie litietalitie competet 

9nD toltti Donefii it i0 conoenient 

Ctiat out neigtibout fate tbe tiettet 
CiQpU. pou tie angep toitti all ttat toe tiaue Hone 

Cum atoap tijottiet let 190 go ttnn foone 

31 imotti a neto maifiet totiet toe llialtie tnelcume 

^oH tie toitt) pou gentpl maifiet 
OQeltti. CiQtip toil pe tiegone to; a too^iie 

PetaDuentute toe OiD tiut tioo^De 700 

ane ttiinfce pe itioulD pout mapfiet foojDe 


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jFoi to (^ea&e m? mfnDe. 

Bos nap, 31 can tel totiat tDa0 tiie matter tnptte 

IftemeDp tDa0 bere, anD te DpD flatter 
pe tcuQ be moje ttan t)0 ano better 
iBut marite tbe enDe, tobat pe Qial finD 

CiQitb gooQ remeDp toe tj^ske in uene ^ealtb 

Co foIotD tin counfel toe ban neene 
Q>e tDameo ns tbat toe IboulD ta&e bene 
710 S)f erceflfe ann pjonigaUtie. 

31 meruaple pe (pea&e (0 of goon remeDp OQptte 

3it in 31 tbat can 00 mo^e tban be 
iJQpt can ma&e ibpft at neceflitp 
mien EemeDi cannot be bearDe 

3 fcnoto fome tbat batb tbi0 tboufanti pere 
^ougbt gon remeDp anD pet neuer rbe nere 
tDit can put remeDp bp, pea tbt0 10 cleare 
Ml tDit 10 a craftp laD. 

9nD topi 10 an Dn0raciou0 fiap CiQpII. 

7>o CiQpl batb Doone manp tbin0e0 men (ap 
anD pf pe let tott anD toil goe bin toap 
pe \ai\ repent it {oone. 

CiQbp tobat caufe baue pou to go pour toap libertp 

pe Iball abpDe toicb D0 tbougb pou (ap nap 
31 tDpI folotD topi, anD loit altoap 
9nD (0 3 baue euer Done 

pf S toil} al mp mal}er0 tooIDe (0 do toptte. 

Cben from pour ferupce 31 toolDe not goo 
^pea&e nolo tobetber pe topi o; no 
730 anD let D0 fcnoto pour minDe 

^P20 pe be toelco me to me plapne H^ealtb 

anD fo; pour companp 31 am full fapne 
31 baD leuer fuffer great papne 
Cben to leue mp toit anD topi, 


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CiQpU. Ciien let w go bence, toitb itiniineie! mp t)ec pe do fcpll 
^ealt^ 3[ pitts pou let nis go, totierfo^e tio toe UpDe 0^11. 

ann goett out 
laentui 90 touctilng mp firff putpofe t)ttt)et 3 am com again 
3 troto ?e ftnoto me, goon cemenp in mp name 
Ctiat euetp Das Dotb ta&e great .ado; o; papne 74° 

Co amenDe all faultes, 31 am diofen to tbe fame 
pf anp maniB! confclence tere Dot^ gcuDge o^ Qiame 
l^auing In liim (elf remo^fe, $ menQe0 In tpme 9 tpMt 
31 am gooD remeop, anD goD I0 ful of mercp anD grace 
Ctierfoje 31 topi QanD afpDe, $ a Ipttel topple remaine 
S>f toeltt), l^eltf) anD Lptiertpe, fo; to inquire 
l^oto ttep tie o^DjeD, anD pf anp man complapne 
3[ toll tie glaD to Qieto me remeDp, mp ttilnit j fe one a 

^ance 'Begot0 D^olofe tc mp (elfe Din cQpt {lepe fc5 lantmg 75° 

3|c mot in anDer lanD lopen, al i0,quaDe Dan 
EemDi CHou fleming ftS totiSce comefi p $ tobat Dofi p {lere. 
Usance ^c mp felf cumt fr6 Cent Slatrpn0 Do^e mot ic Cbpne 
IRemDi 0et t tSetter againe, $ tarp tiere no Idger (De c§ Deer 
{^ance %^i ic mot miD pe fp^eften ic mp felf be en fcoma&er 
laemDi CQbat ano tbou De tbertoitb 31 baue notbin a Doo. 
^ance 3[c Del} al fo^lo^e, copin i0 DoD> ic magbt aot Do tberto 
IRemDi 3i pjap tbee go bence, fo; tbou Dofi trouble me pll* 
l^ance Jl3en ic feber, ic tnpl not gon, ic toolD fain line boje fiil 
RemDi Cbere 10 to mainp allaunt0 in t^\» reale, but noto 31 760 
gooD remeDp baue fo p^ouiDeD tbat ^ngUQi men (ball 
Ipue tbe better Daplp. 
I^ance CiQbat fegt pe bp got0 D^otofe, Dai i0 De quaDe man 
IBe De mo^o goi, ic mp felfe loue De fcone OEngliibman. 
IRemDi Sie on t flattering knaue, fie on pou aliaQt0 al 31 fap 
pe can to craa $ fubtel tiget englifbme0 toeltb atoap 
^ance S) (fton meQer, ic ttb \\oie bin, tbi0 Darten peo^e 
ic canfftote De coluerin, 9 ic can be Dr beare bjoer. 

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trufi fee fo piouiDe t^at toelti) from pou baue 3[ Qiall 
770 3c Ceg to pou Dat toeltb is lopen in an anoer contr? l^ance 
toat betiegp Dar b^ougt), fojfian pe net« fegt me 

3lc ttntietaanu ttte tnel, pet tt)ou lieQ Ipke a knaue IRemHi 
toeltb 19 tttt I (ZEnglaU, 9 toeltt) Qil t truQ toe Ibal Hut 
Sc ment no quaD it loue De engliQi man bp min bere l^ance 
Cup tip rent inmin anD ic Qial pe geue ttoe fiope tiere, 

^et t bence nioki fieming ^ Qialt tarp no lenger bete IRemDi 

a^or it net mare berebin, toolier fal tc getoefi fetfiun l^ance 
3c toil to be Slather gan, bar fall ic toal fftin&in ($ gotb 

30 be 0on^ 3 9i«s 0OD tbe beupU go toitb bim (out EemDi 
78otDbet 10 toeftb, beltb 9 tibettg, 3 toolb fee tbe come in 
l^eltb commetb in toitb a kercber on tin beab. 
H D 000b lo^be beipe me, bp pour licence mp fouerain ^ealtb 
3 am bomelp to com ber in pour p^efece tbus oifeafeb 
jSebe conOrainetb me, fo; remebp 3 toolb baue faine 
3 am ifect botb bobp $ foul, 3 p;ai pou be not bifplefeb 

CiQJbp tobat aile pou Qieto me, pet pou 3 bo not ftnoto Eembi 
0lab 3 am to remebp anp man, tbat is affirmitp 
3 perceiue bp pour pbifnamp, i pe ar beri toeite feble $ 
pet IbotD me pour griefe, $ 3 toil belp pou glablp. (loto 
790 0racio9 remebi 3 tbanit pou, pet 3 am balf albameb ^ealtb 
to Ibeto pou mi malabi 9 mi name, 3 toas calleb beltb 

Cberfo^e 3 am toel toojtbi to be punilbeb 9 blameb 
IBecaufe 3 baue not foloioeb pour coufel, but al tbing 
map be fuiTereb faue toeltb* 

are pou beltb, tbis maftetb me berp penfife ano fab laembp 
pe t be of goob cbere, 9 Qioto boto pou toere infect 
€0 remebp pou anb fuccour pou 3 toolb be berp glab 
jFoi gob topi punilb tbe people toben tbep be betelt 

^P2 3 tbanke gob tberof fo; toel toojtbp 3 am l^ealtb 
800 qi^p confcience botb iubge, fome trouble baue 3 tnuQ 
9 menbes 3 topi make to gob anb if 3 can 

aD.ii. topi 

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iBut (Ul tbett tie bonta men all tb^ee 
H^ealtb CruQ not tbzit too^nes t{)ep topll DelTemtile fipll 

Cbep ace Co falfe ann craftp, alt t{)epi intent 10 pIL 870 
ClQpU. pe Ipe faifelp 3 f^eake but rigbt anQ ceafon 
ann bp tbe lato of atmes pe mua neDes be tane 
pou ate calleQ gooD cemeDp lobicb at at fea(on 
dboine leaue to maniB! Ipfe, ano maintaine tbe fame 
toe be bete botb pout p^iconetiai tojongfuUp accufeD bt 
iftepe one of 190 faQ let bim ipe fo; all (Defame 

Cbat otbet foi fteniie0 ann tDptne0 goo Iball 
tnptte, %Tsi let bpm not goo ann leue me bebpnDe 

l^e Majtl euet be a falfe ftnaue« fo; 3| knoto W mpnDe 
CiQpll. ^olDe tbp tonge foltlb knaue 31 no not meane (0 sso 
IRemot 3[ bete nolo pe cannot agre, tobicb of pou QioulD go 
CiQpll Bo bp goD0 boDp tbece Iball none go but 31 
CQptte. Cbou plapefi tbe ftnaue it muQ neDe0 be 31 
l^ealtb l&epe tbem cafe 31 P^ap ^ou fo; pf tbe? fcap againe 

%9an? men Qial tepent it, it Qialbe to out pa^ne 
IRemHi Cbep be bete pet, to fcepe tbem faQ 10 mpne intent, 

^aue tbem atoap botb to p^ifon in continent, 
tnpll. ilo falfe fcnaue tbi0 10 fot tbp ctaftp toif. 
jOotD fafi bp tbt beele0 tne ate lafce to fpt. 
SiQptte. 3 am content fo tbat 31 map baue compenp 890 

pf 3i tbolD bebangeD, 31 toolD be bageo bonefi (9 gotb 
laemni 00 bence toitb tbem 9 b^ing toeltb 9 libectp. (out 
beltb, Com aioap pe tbeue0, note 31 Qialf fcepe pou futelp, 
CiQplL iLocft t)0 tip $ ftepe t)0 a0 fafi a0 pe can ($ gotb out 
pet pu tDpl ann Ib^etontoit Ibalbe Mtb manp a man. 
EemDi 31 am balfe albamen, tbat long it batb ben Capo 

Cbat noble men bp fucb to2etcbe0 batb ben oeceiueD 
tbep run teiopce anD iefi, ano toete netp toell apaioe 
Crufiing to fcape cleate, ano Opl fo; to baue taineD 
IBut nolo tbep iiall not (0, let tbem be toel afiUteti 900 


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Cbat pitopi anD fbitto De tope Qial iiaue but pi tea 

jro2 tot)ere(oeuet ttiep be 31 topli ti^ea&e tiiepi neQ 

3n tfie iionouc of goD toe afiie pou toistntnesi airiiie toealtfi 

toe oug^t to lie aQiameQ to loofte pou in ttie face 

IBp our folp $ negligence, toe hfoiz Done fo Dntoifelp 

toe toere fotole DecepueD, tne put w to pout grace 

^bVfi Qiailie a gooD toarDing fo; nn alonge (pace 

toban man is toel pumQieD tben tie topi tietoare 

to^o ttiat ftnoloett) tobat neDe is, toel after mtot care 

910 31 map not blame pou gretip fo; lip mine otone reafS IRemDi 
31 itnotD pltopl anD iSjetaiDtDit Qeceiuetti great $ fmal 
pf pe can remabje tbpis. anD tietoare a notber (eafdn 
C{ii0 i0 a gooD erample anD lerning to pou all 
jQotD ferue goD anD loue dim, 9 f02 grace euer call 
9nD pltopl anD Qi^etoDetDpt, from pou 3l Qjall adfiaine 
pe iiaue DfeD tbem to longe to pour Domage anD pain. 

JFo^fotli fp2 pe fai trout{i« ttiep DiD na great Difpleflit iiealtli. 
jFull tiarD it in to Danquil^e tjbe Dngrocious pltopl 
f0e i0 fo crofteD, Dp fiatterp, DiflUlation 9 Uitb ottier 

920 Cannes mpnD 10 fo Dariable, 9 glaD to report pi 
3 feare manp one pet toolDe Dane tiim raine fipll 
JF02 fome Dnto ttieir oione lopl Datb fo mucD affection 
pet t{ie Detopl anD pi topi is DotD of one completion 

pll topll is nouglit* but too^fe is (bjetDDtopt Iibertp« 

Sfoi be contrpuetb al fubtil pmanginacien 
pt toere Dnpofl^ble fo; a man el0 to Doo it 
QitetoDtopt bime^ mpfcef, $ falfe confpp^cion 
^e batb put me Ipbertp in p^ifon, aD great tribulation 
If it baD not bene fo; pour gooD remeDi $ fojtberaQce 

930 31 9 otber t batb libertie, IbolD baue be in Duraunce. 

IBe al of gooD cbere« anD baue no mittrua EemDi 

€tt enDe of pi topi anD Ib^etoD topt is but ibame 
Cbougb tbep repgne a tobile, tojongfullp anD DniuO 


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pet ttutb tnpU appeare anD tttit mimeiie^ blame 
Ct)en tojonge i$ fudDueo, anD goon remeUp tane 
C6ou0t) falfetoo cfofte, and tiot W matter0 all 
Craft topU out anD Wczitt tnpU baue a fall 
Wbttew pe ace nolo; in DifirelTe all tti^ee 
jQeate toere pe biou^U in cafe Ipfce to matte 
J8otD baue pe no Doubt, pf pe toj^ll be tuleD aftet me 940 
3[ dial tcaoje pe agapne a0 toell a0 euet pe toete 
CiQeltb &epe 0^11 tbl0 tealme, loofce pe fitap not fatte 
9nD l^eltb be of 0OOD cbete, pout blfeafe 31 can foone 
iLibettp noto pe be teleafeD bo no mote offenb, (mibe 

taiealtb JSoto let t)$ al tbafce gob 1 0oob temebp batb fenbe 
CtuQ to bpm onlp fo; bl0 gtace anb 0oobne0 
toe are fojgfluenes of out ttelpa^ S ttua toe toil ameb 
anb cleane foifa&e fpn, folp, anb bntb2lfttne0 
tff9 toe toll bete cbclube, fouetalne of pout 0tacloufne0 
toe befecb pou to tempt out negligence, 9 mi(bebauo29so 
Cbete toe baue fapb ami0, foe cdmit al to pout fauoi 

H^ealtb 9nb fo; pout p^eletuacion battelp toe topi ptap 
pout tealme to tncteafe, toitb top anb ttanquilitp 
Cbat tneltb) beltb 9 libettp, map continue bete altoap 
IBp tbe ouetfigbt anb aibe of bim tbat i0 goob tembp 
tDbicb toillinglp botb bi0 beuet, bnbet pout actoittpe 
90 patte bete apete^ pout putpofe to maintaine 
^ob continue tis goobne0, tbat longe be map tiagne 

Eembi 3le(u p^efetue Quene (ZEli^abetb t noble P2ici0 toojtbp 
3ie(u continue bet beltb long fo; to enbute 960 

3[efu inbue bet to nettue gtace 9 bonout (temebi euet 
3le(u maintaine ttt loihn of t coQfel to ececute goob 
3lefu (pebe anb belpe al tbem gob0 bonout to futtbet 
3lefu incteafe tbe comunaltie to pjoQiet anb boo toel. 

iT 31 JI3 3I©. 

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